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It’s sad but true, that the multi-billion dollar fast food industry needs improving in almost every area. From the “push em on through” attitudes to the safety of the customers, there is much change needed in fast food. I would improve these things about fast food.

Get my order right and give me what I need to enjoy it.

We have all experienced it. You’re in a rush to get to work on time and you swing through the drive-thru of a fast food to order hash browns and a bacon-egg-cheese biscuit. You’re hungry and your mouth waters as you smell the food through the order window. You get to work, open your bag and what do you find? A bowl of grapes and a piece of Texas toast.

The movie is over and it’s late. The kids are starving, so you order six hamburgers and fries at the drive-thru. You get home to find only five in the bag. “Peanut butter and jelly, anyone?

Coke with a lid, hole for a straw, no straw. Cup of chili, no spoon, no crackers. Juicy barbecue, no napkins. Salad, no dressing. Fries, no catsup.

What the menu picture promises and what you really may get.

A toasted bun  – a dry or sometimes soggy bun
Juicy patty that covers the bun – a small over or under cooked patty.
Crisp lettuce  wilted lettuce or part of the core.
A juicy red slice of tomato  – a slice of green tomato, possibly with some core.
A sliver of fresh onion – a chunk of onion that both looks and smells as if cut yesterday.
A pickle  hey, they get this right!

Sales people who don’t listen, because they are too busy with pushy sales tactics.

I know what I want; I place my order and end by saying, “That’s all.”
The next thing I hear is, “Will there be anything else?” or “Would you like to up-size your fries?” or “Would you like a beverage with your sundae?”

Cleanliness of restrooms and eating areas.

Most people head to the restrooms to wash up before eating. The smell alone can often turn you off eating anything for a long, long time. Nevertheless, you take care of business and wash your hands, only to find there are no paper towels on which to dry your hands.

Who wants to eat at a table littered with remnants of the last diner’s meal? Is it too much to ask for a clean table and seat?

Dress codes for employees

All employees should have proper fitting uniforms.

Soiled and wrinkled uniforms have a place in this world: in a clothes hamper. However, I see the front line sales staff wearing them as they take my order and prepare my food.

Long and often dirty hair is flung around as the sales person hurries to fill my order.

Food packaging and utensils

Styrofoam will never break down in a landfill. It will still be there in a thousand years. Cardboard on the other hand will eventually breakdown. So why do some fast food restaurants still use Styrofoam clam-shells and cups?

Trying to get a large order into one bag causes items to be mashed and to fall out in the car.

Give me a spoon or give me a fork. The spork should be outlawed.


When McDonald’s was sued by a woman who spilled coffee on her thigh and received third-degree burns, they already knew this risk existed. However, the corporate lawyers decided that the increased sales of extra hot coffee would be far offset any lawsuits.

Did they lower the temperature of the coffee? Only for a brief time. This is the mindset of the fast food industry today. Sales tops safety. A few more dollars in the share holders´ pockets was worth more to them than preventing the customer´s pain.


Are fast foods responsible for our nutritional health? No, they are not. We all know that fast food is high in cholesterol and can cause health problems. We choose to eat it anyway. However, they are responsible for informing the public of certain health risks or hazards, which pertain to eating their food.

Two such health hazards are the use of any substance to keep produce fresh longer, which can cause asthma sufferers to have an attack and the use of peanut oil in their products, when many people are deathly allergic to peanuts.

The dollar is all fast food sees. We the public can improve fast food, if we take the time and allow some inconvenience for a while. As long as the money pours in, fast food has no reason to improve. If however, we withhold our dollars until they do improve, they will see a need.

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