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Dusty’s Bistro is set in the heart of Silverlake, California. Silverlake is notoriously an artist area with hip eateries and coffee shops lining the streets. It was this relaxed atmosphere that Maria Minicucci and her son David Di Salvio decided to open up their first Los Angeles restaurant. Set on the corner of Sunset and Descanso Drive, Dusty’s is easy to miss if you aren’t familiar with the area. Aside from a small sign and the trademark face of a woman with her hair draped over the name “Dusty’s” painted on the side of the building, the restaurant is unassuming, unless you happen to pass by as cars await the attending valet during busy hours.

Parking for Dusty’s was a little difficult. There weren’t many street parking spots and you either had to pay $4.50 for a valet or stick to a side street.

The interior of Dusty’s almost has a Victorian feel to it. The lamps have fringed edging and there is an elegance with heavy wooden furniture, candles on every table and plush booths. It fits perfectly with the Silverlake artsy feel.

Dusty’s menu ranges from traditional fare such as eggs with bacon and potato for breakfast to the extravagant with Eggs Moliere (poached eggs, vegetable ratatouille & olive tampanade inside tomatoes and topped with asparagus.) Prices for breakfast range from $8 for a granola and yogurt parfait to $14 for a wild mushroom omelet.

Dusty’s lunch menu offers a wide variety of salads, sandwiches, quiche, pastas, and their famous hamburgers. Using 100% Kobe beef, their 10 oz burgers are incredibly tender. The traditional hamburger however isn’t what raises eyebrows around town. Dusty’s also serves up Lamb Burger, Turkey Burger, and Crab Burger.

I went to Dusty’s during the evening and hungrily looked over their dinner menu. I settled on Seared Ahi Tuna, which was served atop sesame crusted basmati rice, and sauted spinach. It was absolutely incredible.

The spice used to sear the tuna was tantalizing and the mixture of the crisp layer of rice with the fish and spinach was delicious. Traditionally when I eat fish or sushi I don’t bother with ginger, but the ginger they used was fresh and organic. I could definitely taste the difference. The Ahi was a bit steep in price if you are eating on a budget at $25, however it was definitely worth the splurge.

My boyfriend got the Kobe beef burger for $18 and substituted their macaroni and cheese for fries for an additional $2. The macaroni and cheese was hands down the best I’ve tasted. It was just the right tenderness and had a rich creamy cheese that had permeated ever noodle. Topped with a layer of cheddar gave it a little crunch.

Normally, I am not much of a red meat eater, but the Kobe beef was delicious. It was extremely tender and not as grizzly as other hamburgers. Topped with traditional burger fare, onions, tomato, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and mayo it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted.

For dessert we settled on the their vanilla bean crme brule. Unlike some crme brules that simply used vanilla extract, you could see the actual vanilla beans in this dessert and could taste the freshness. Being a dessert-a-holic I will admit that the topping on the crme brule was a bit thick. Instead of crackling like a traditional crme brule does when you crack it, the sugar was almost like thick syrup. That didn’t stop my boyfriend and I from eating the whole thing.

Dusty’s uses all organic produce so it’s guaranteed fresh. You can definitely taste the difference.

Dusty’s service was friendly and laid back. Used to the more traditional restaurants that try and move you through as quickly as possible it was refreshing, yet a bit frustrating as we waited for our check. Our waitress was definitely helpful and knowledgeable about the menu and ingredients in each entre. I was also impressed that when my boyfriend asked her preference between the more expensive salmon and the cheaper Kobe burger she recommended the cheaper burger because it was her favorite.

Analyzing the menu, it is defiantly a splurge for our pocket books, but to the avid eaters it is a reasonable fare. For our two entrees and dessert with tax it cost us $56.29. With the tip, we ended up spending $69.

Dusty’s has some of the best food I’ve had in a long time. I recommend it.

3200 W. Sunset Blvd.
Silverlake, California 90026


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