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When offered dessert, how many times have you said “Well, I really shouldn’t but…”  then proceeded to indulge on the richest most decadent dessert imaginable-down to the last bite?  Indulgent desserts are guilty pleasures for many of us so here is the ‘not-so-skinny’ on the top 10 most indulgent desserts.

1. Molten lava cake

Serving:                450 calories                         32g fat                  38g carbohydrates

Did someone say chocolaty creamy pleasure?  Yes please!  This dessert is an individual size chocolate cake with a smooth chocolate filling which flows out as the fork sinks in.  For extra excitement, try pairing it with berries and cream.

2. Mississippi mud cake

Serving:                                524 calories                         30g fat                  61g carbohydrates

This southern dessert is not your typical chocolate cake.  Mississippi mud cake is a heavy, moist, gooey and fantastic cake with layers of marshmallow cream.  There is much praise to be given to the inspiring muddy banks of the Mississippi River!

3. Tiramisu

Serving:                                310 calories                         15g fat                  39 carbohydrates

A delectable delight; with a medley of mascarpone cheese, liquor, cocoa, cream, espresso and lady fingers this Italian dessert is to die for.  Molto excellente!

4. Peanut butter torte

Serving:                                300 calories                         14g fat                  62 carbohydrates

Peanut butter torte is a layered and iced cake which has a menagerie of indulgent ingredients-chocolate, peanut butter and sugary sweet icing.  One version of the recipe is covered in crushed Butterfingers.  It’s mmm, mmm good.

5. Chocolate Mousse

Serving:                                361 calories                         26g fat                  27g carbohydrates

Unlike the hair product sold on store shelves, chocolate mousse is rich, creamy and oh, so wonderful for your taste buds.

6. Berry cobbler

Serving:                                500 calories                         13g fat                  94 carbohydrates

This unassuming dessert is packed full of the bad stuff.  However, it is also full of good ingredients which take away a smidgen of guilt from indulging in the pleasure of berry cobbler.  Eaten al la mode, the guilt factor will quickly return but the pleasure will double.

7. Lemon meringue

Serving:                                360 calories                         15g fat                  50 carbohydrates

Perfectly tart and sweet with a thick middle and light fluffy top, lemon meringue is definitely an indulgent dessert that has wooed many.

8. Cheesecake

Serving:                                260 calories                         20g fat                  20g carbohydrates

Ah, here it is!  Cheesecake which comes in every flavor under the sun has made many businesses very profitable.  Raspberry, white chocolate, mango praline; you name it, cheesecake has it.  With every pleasing bite and a crust that melts in your mouth, cheesecake can never go wrong.  Right?

9. Coffee cake

Serving:                                260 calories                         10g fat                  35 carbohydrates

This is a heavy cake that has flavors of cinnamon and brown sugar with crunchy crumbles covering it.  Coffee cake paired with a cup of java is hard to resist after dinner-or breakfast, or lunch…..

10.  Marbled brownies

Serving:                                170 calories                         9g fat                    20g carbohydrates

The caloric content for one of these brownies is not quite indulgent dessert material but who eats just one?  Beware this heavenly blend of chocolate and cream cheese can create serious addictions.

Keep in mind it is okay to have the indulgent dessert you have been eyeing all evening and to eat it too.  You know what you’re getting yourself into so don’t make excuses.  Being bad has never been this tasty!

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