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Besides being freeloaders, they can blind you. Not your kids, silly, their pets. But you can protect your family: here’s how.So the latest news from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says that 14% of kids under age 20 are infected with Toxocara, a disease that can be contracted from pet cats and dogs, and which can, worst-case scenario, cause blindness.

Toxocara are parasitical internal roundworms that kids can pick up when playing in backyards, playgrounds, fields and parks with infested dog and cat feces.

While most who get infected people won’t go blind, the risk exists. The risk can be greatly reduced by enforcing hard-line, dictatorial hand-washing policies in your home, and also making sure YOUR pets are on a year-round regimen of preventative medication aimed at controlling internal and external parasites. (Not much you can do about the cheapskate down the street who shares the park /dog outhouse with you, though.)

BTW: As I write this, I can barely breathe, because I’ve run out of my asthma inhaler, and I’m very, very allergic to my three cats. The Little Nutball’s three cats, actually. The little f*ckers realy suck the life out of you, no? Pets? Kids? Both of the above.

And yet, they’re so cute! And funny! And somehow that makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it? Most of the time anyway.

I’ve found that having an assortment of nice hand soaps keeps the Little Nutball washing. Not yucky fruit scented antibiotic-resistant-germ-harbouring antibacterial soaps, but eco-friendly Caladrea in ginger-pomelo, for instance. It amazes me that the antibacterial stuff is even allowed on the market, since it’s so harmful and doesn’t do anything good old soap and water can’t.

Some Comments As Below:

1. That’s an old one – cats carry diseases. So do humans – so should I get rid of my boyfriend as well as Teddy and Bear (my cats)? Should I erect a plastic bubble to insulate myself from all the world’s diseases? The answer is no, silly! There’s nothing that a little hot, soapy water couldn’t do.

2. Many breathing “problems” exist through a mental attitude and having a need to be a victim !———– not any external forces !——- Get healthy through NOT allowing
negative contact with negative people as a start at least !————-be more forceful,and think things through yourself,not somebody else thinking for you !——
if you are an adult,change your life patterns,maybe don’t be led by family or “friends” — or the people who make the puffers !——— You will be amazed to discover you do NOT have to be “sick”— when you break away !!!! plus you can throw away the puffer !——— remember EVERYTHING is a CHOICE including sickness,or health !

3. Simple things like washing hands and wearing a mask while cleaning a litter box solve all these problems. I can see the lineups now as people abandon more pets at shelters after reading this article titled “Pets Make You Sick”. Hey, having a baby can lead to divorce. Maybe we should leave all our kids at adoption agencies???

4. I think this subject of my cat ending up making me sick is grossly exaggerated. I am more at risk taking the bus, subway or even visiting a hospital emergency ward…where infectious diseases abound. My cat is here to stay….I will keep her for as long as she lives. Enough scare tactics re animals making us sick. Some people make me sick. Your article risks gullible or stupid people rushing to the pound with their cat after reading your article…& not smart enough to draw their own conclusion. Stop it with this type of unnecessary publishing unless you have tons of research to back it up.

5. I realize that the purpose of this blog post was meant to inform and entertain, and normally I enjoy reading your witty blog, but — all kidding about obsessed pet owners aside — people take their pets seriously, as well they should, they’re helpless living creatures who depend and trust in the love of their owners.

Pets spread, people spread germs, the very air we breathe and walk around in is teeming with germs, microbes and parasites. What would you sugest we do…live our lives in bubbles?

People should clean up after their pets (at home and outside) and that should be common sense as well as an enforced rule. And people should practice common sense and learn to wash their hands more. And really good journalists such as yourself should stop and think before you hit the send/print button on your computer.

You have the right to your opinion, and to your witty sarcasm, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to go over well, especially when the “joke” is at the expense of children and pets.