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Asian cuisine in general is not based on recipes with exact measurements and fixed ingredients, and Thai cooking is no exception. Watch a Thai cook at work and you will soon gain insight into his method of preparing a dish. When it comes to the use of herbs and spices, ‘taste-and-add’ is the general rule. […]

Being from the South, I grew up drinking sweet iced tea. I think drinking iced tea is an unwritten law in Texas. We give our kids iced tea in their baby bottles and sippy cups and start them out young to enjoy a good sip of refreshing cool sweet iced tea on a hot summer […]

Bleu Cheese and Walnut Salad; my mom orders one every time we get food from Mimi’s Cafe. She’s under the impression that it’s a healthy alternative to any of the other items on the menu. I know better than to trust nutritional propaganda so promptly. Urged on by my increasing amount of skepticism, I check […]

Le Bistro, Wentworth, UK Located in the extremely pretty hamlet of Wentworth in South Yorkshire, Le Bistro is a small, unassuming restaurant offering typical bistro fayre.  It’s not hard to miss either with the entrance to the seemingly tiny building flanked by a huge plastic butcher, the kind that used to be found in the […]

To say the Alentejo covers a large expanse of land in Portugal the regions restaurants are sometimes quite small. This restaurant I am going to tell you about now isn’t the smallest I have ever been to but it isn’t the largest either. Seating approximately 30 people the ‘Luar de Janeiro’ (in Portuguese – ‘By […]

After a recent, satisfying meal, our Cheesecake Factory waiter boasted that they “were the only 5 star restaurant chain”. I inwardly disputed that statement’s validity but got the point. Typical big name, ubiquitous chains strive for market dominance through hundreds of stores, obsessively consistent policies and tight fiscal management. I could cite scores of cost […]

Fillet of Lamb, Minted Pea Puree, Pomme Fondant, Redcurrant Jus, Balsamic and Mint Vinaigrette Preparation: 15 minutesCooking: 20 minutesServes: 2 Mint is a perfect partner to lamb and this dinner-party dish celebrates that partnership with a juicy fillet of lamb, sweet pea puree and a decadent fondant potato.  A drizzle of balsamic mint sauce and […]

My first encounter with Costa Coffee was the Portsmouth branch, upstairs in Ottakars (now Waterstones) bookshop. A cafe inside a bookshop seemed a great idea, especially as there were armchairs bordering the cafe area where you could sit and look at books while you enjoyed your drink. Needless to say, however, it was so popular […]

Tortilla wraps are such a versatile ingredient making for a convenient eating treat at any time.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner can all be serviced by this humble sandwich wrap.  Its versatility knows no bounds as from store-cupboard staples to finest steak can all be used to great effect.  In all the recipes listed below, warm your […]

Yasou! To yours. The Greek toast for parties and special occasions. I grew up in a Greek and Italian household so the edible delights were tantalizing and plentiful to say the least. I am proud of and love my Greek heritage. My Grandparents were born in Rhodes and Volos. My Mom was born here in […]