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If you’ve read up on how to make beer yourself, you only have part of the story. There are a few hard-learned lessons that I wish someone had told me earlier in my brewing career. Here is a sampling of my favorite ideas that should make any home brewer’s life a little easier. – Go […]

It can be very stressful when you receive bad service in a restaurant.  For many, the very reason you are going out is to be able to relax and have someone serve you for a change.  There are different ways that you can react to bad service, and this will be dependent on a variety […]

Green Tea Famed for its health and medical benefits, green tea has found its popularity rise in recent years thanks to a healthier outlook from the public in general. Whereas before it may have been seen as something only socialites would drink to try and “stand out” from the crowd, now green tea is drank […]

Since discovering the coffee tree more than a thousand years ago, coffee berries and beans have stimulated the minds of men. With a rich enticing brew of evolutionary process. Transcending its religious roots to become the world’s second most valued economic commodity. The fact that coffee commenced from humble beginnings, survived the darkest of ages, […]

Here in Australia I would say most people would equate American food with such things as burgers (most specifically the Big Mac)and French fries (kinda funny really when they’re supposedly French by origin), fried chicken (particularly KFC), hot dogs with mustard, milkshakes, coffee and donuts. I must say I enjoy all these things from time […]

Living in Southsea I have plenty of restaurants on my doorstep, but one of my sons decided he’d had enough of the place and was offered a job in Bristol, so off he went. Having given him three weeks to settle in, I thought it was about time I went for a visit. It’s a […]

Dusty’s Bistro is set in the heart of Silverlake, California. Silverlake is notoriously an artist area with hip eateries and coffee shops lining the streets. It was this relaxed atmosphere that Maria Minicucci and her son David Di Salvio decided to open up their first Los Angeles restaurant. Set on the corner of Sunset and […]

The history of coffee is a complicated one indeed. It was discovered around the year 500 AD somewhere in the middle east, no one is exactly sure where. There are many legends on the origin of coffee, one claiming the exiled Arab Sheik saved himself from starvation by turning the berries on a coffee shrub […]

Protein plays a fundamental role in nearly all bodily processes. Hence, sufficient protein intake, through amino acids, is vital for any healthy diet. To get their amino acids, vegans rely on plant proteins, lacto-ovo-vegetarians include milk and eggs in their diet and lacto vegetarians add milk and its products to their meals. Most lacto vegetarians […]

Having re-ignited my desire for decent coffee I was fortunate enough to receive a De’Longhi KG49 coffee bean grinder. At 22cm x 13cm x 11cm and weighing in at 0.8kg, when empty of course, the KG49 is a small but perfectly formed coffee bean grinder that takes up minimal room, and in its matt black […]