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You remember the food pyramid that’s been in use for years. Well, out with the old and in with the new! Yes, there’s a new food pyramid in town and it’s rainbow-colored. Just yesterday, the USDA rolled out the new design along a new plan to go with it.

The plan  is called My Pyramid. The purpose of the plan is to provide a more personalized approach to healthy eating. In other words, one size does NOT fit all!

Medical issues blogger Dr. John Mercola questions whether the new design and plan will really help anyone. He says, “You’ll need a roap map to figure out what all of the colors mean.” He also cites a quote from the New York Times made by a critic of the plan, “The pyramid is incredible to me. I’m pretty skeptical this graphic is going to produce many healthy people except for some highly motivated ones.”

Isn’t it always “highly motivated” people who eat healthy and exercise regularly?  I don’t see many non-motivated people adapting their lifestyles to accommodate those two habits.

BTW, the fellow hiking the steps to the left of the pyramid is supposed to represent exercise.