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Things are really looking up!!!  I made my first walk around the block since the last time of broken pinky toe.   It took almost and hour (it felt like more) but I made it!!!!  Of course Lou had to stop to visit all his friends and stop and play with his “girl” Riley.   It was a long journey and I almost thought I could not make it.

I decided to go with Doctor #1.   I will see him on the 14th for my broken pinky toe which is a week shy of month 7.  I am guessing he will release me to return to work.  I have been receiving lots of calls from co-workers and it seems they are missing me.   I am going to enjoy my last couple of weeks at home.  I hope they all survive without me.

Yesterday I had a little set-back.  There was a BIG SPIDER and I jumped to get away from it and twisted my leg. Could not make my walk around the block yesterday but today it is feeling much better.

Not certain I can handle this going back to work thing.   What about my afternoon naps and spending time with my little wolf – LUPO.  Speaking of Lou I have some great videos to share with you.  If you have been reading my blog you know that when I fell down the stairs I was holding my new puppy.  He has been my constant companion through this whole ordeal.   He has since fallen in love with Riley.   I am certain that Lou will miss his afternoon visits to Riley!!!!