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Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride or Flexeril is a clear, crystalline amine salt with a molecular weight of 311.9 and C20H21N•HCl is the empirical formula of this drug. 217 degree Celsius is the melting point and has a pKa of 8.47 at twenty five degree Celsius. This drug is freely soluble in alcohol and water, and soluble in […]

Things are really looking up!!!  I made my first walk around the block since the last time of broken pinky toe.   It took almost and hour (it felt like more) but I made it!!!!  Of course Lou had to stop to visit all his friends and stop and play with his “girl” Riley.   It was […]

Your eye color is determined by the actions of genes that regulate the deposition of the melanin pigment in the iris of your eyes.  If your eyes are blue, that means there is no pigment present in them. Actually, there is no blue pigment. The blue hue in your eyes is just a reflection. It’s […]

The Beginners Guide To Addictions (From Step 1) No matter what your age group is, you can experience some serious problems when taking prescription drugs. When painkiller abuse like Gabapentin high occurs, it’s usually because they don’t understand that their bodies are becoming dependent and they don’t actually need the medication for pain relief anymore. […]

Pink eye is an ailment that affects millions of people worldwide. More accurately referred to as conjunctivitis, it is simply an infection of the conjunctiva (the inner protective lining of the eyelid covering the white part of the eye). This results in a swelling or inflammation of the tiny blood vessels in the conjunctiva, which […]

You can actually help make your teeth white via a number of ways. Among the most effective involves eating strawberries to make your teeth white. It is because bananas really have certain lightening real estate agents that helps in actively playing the particular role associated with whitening the teeth. According to you also can […]

I first tried Lussmans almost by accident – looking for anywhere in central St Albans that had a last minute table on a Friday night. Lussmans is very centrally located – hidden away in Cathedral Close, it sits only a few hundred yards away from the cathedral and is only a minute away from the High Street. ~~The Surroundings~~ […]

When my previous kettle decided to make a journey to kettle heaven a couple of years ago, I found myself faced with the urgent prospect of finding a replacement. My addiction to caffeine meant that time was of the essence and, combined with my limited knowledge of the kettle market, I made a hasty trip […]

Introduction: a) This article will be dealing only with the issue of Abraham serving milk and meat together and its relationship to our understanding of kosher laws. b) This article is a little long, however, when one thinks of the billions, not millions, but billions of dollars wasted each year, not each decade, but each […]

‘If you can’t beat them, eat them’ has become quite a common saying with reference to the many plants that gardeners classify as weeds but are often in fact a nutritious food source. Gathering wild food has actually become rather fashionable and some of the top London restaurants currently employ foragers to bring them in […]